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Amazon Prime’s October Halloween Streaming Lineup Completely Destroys Netflix’s!

Amazon Prime Horror

If you’re one of the many who’ve opted to rely on VOD outlets not named Netflix, you’ve probably got your Amazon Prime account primed for a wealth of awesome horror movies this October. We’re talking awesome!

Given Netflix’s embarrassing horror selection for the most horror-friendly month of the year, a lot of fans are going to turn to quality alternatives, and they’ll no doubt have their eyes glued to Amazon, one of the largest VOD outlets in existence. Amazon has been reliable in the past, and this October is no exception.

There’s something here for everyone, and the sheer quantity of new additions earns an Amazon Prime subscription from me!

Check out the staggering selection of genre films and television shows you can stream through Amazon Prime in October.

Note to readers: If you haven’t signed up for Amazon Prime, it’s a worthwhile investment. The service costs $99 annually. That’s a reasonable $8.25 monthly. If you’re interested in testing the waters before any kind of long term commitment, you can sign up for a month test run and pay just $8.99 (you can opt for a $10.99/month package, which gifts you a ton of savings on all items, including music and books) a month.

In other words, Netflix and Amazon Prime are damn near identical in price. From the looks of this awesome and lengthy list, a subscription seems inevitable.

Read on for the extensive list

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