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‘Honeymoon’ Livens Up a Familiar Concept with Profound Depravity

Honeymoon Picture

Written by: Matt Molgaard

Directed by: Diego Cohen

Cast: Hector Kotsifakis, Paulina Ahmed, Alberto Agnesi

Another foreign filmmaker reminds us Americans that even familiar ideas can feel fresh and horrifying. In fact, this is a true perfect example of a pic that utilizes a storyline we’ve seen time and again, and yet this time around, it’s just a little edgier – a little nastier. Honeymoon is a sadistic and unforgiving trek into the depths of depravity.

The story follows a lonely man with an obsession for an attractive young local woman. One day his obsession takes a dark turn, and he kidnaps the young lady. And then he tortures the young lady. And then rapes the young lady. This is all sounding familiar, right? Well, midway through the film the gore erupts on screen, and the vile acts this man – Jorge – engages in become downright shocking. There is no stop button on this guy, and he is certifiably 5150, make no mistake.

Director Diego Cohen decided to make his film stand out by pulling absolutely no punches. It’s as brutal as it gets. And it’s shot in a grainy fashion that calls to mind films like Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. Have no doubts heading in, Honeymoon, or Luna de miel, as it’s also known, is a shocking piece of film that takes things far enough to trigger outrage among the more sensitive types. In fact, that might be the best thing that could happen to this film. A little outrage will see media skyrocket.

Look, we probably won’t see outrage over the flick, but we will see it establish a loyal fan base as time passes. How sizable will that fan base be? Only time will tell. As it stands, this is an engaging film that plays out like a 30-car pileup with 30 fatalities dangling halfway through shattered windshields. There is no mercy on the viewer, but there is some fantastic gore and absolutely petrifying sequences waiting for unsuspecting viewers.

Watch the damn movie, it rocks!

Rating: 4/5

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