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Is Linda Blair Going to Be in FOX’s New Small Screen Telling of ‘The Exorcist’?

FOX is preparing to take a major risk: they’re bringing The Exorcist to the small screen. As most of you know, the recent attempt to reinvigorate the Omen franchise failed miserably as A&E’s Damien was an up and down rollercoaster that proved far too uneven for fans to get behind.

Could The Exorcist be the next small screen misfire?

Having checked out the pilot episode I can say with conviction that The Exorcist is a far grimier and creepier show than Damien ever was… but we’re still stomping on sacred ground here.

So what could possibly help ensure the show succeeds? How about an appearance from Linda Blair, who played Regan in William Friedkin’s original game-changing film of the same name?

Forbes caught up with Blair, and of course the topic of the show rose to the surface, and Blair made a few statements that have us genuinely interested.

“I am looking forward to seeing what they do,” Blair tells Forbes. “They are trying to come up with different scary stories that have to do with the paranormal and exorcism. They keep mentioning my name when they talk about it and I’m like, ‘Stop teasing me. Put up or shut up.’”

We like that attitude – put up or shut up. Fans would no doubt appreciate a Blair appearance.

“They haven’t contacted me or reached out at all,” she continued. “If they want to play ball, let’s play ball. I should be involved but they have never invited me to. So far they have only said it to the press. We wish them all the best, we really do. Geena Davis is a huge fan of it all and I’m a huge fan of hers so of course, I’m going to wish them good luck with it. I don’t want people to fail, that’s not who I am.”

Here’s hoping FOX has a few surprises in store for viewers!

Source: Forbes

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