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Halloween Arrives Early: Watch Hundreds of Horror Films FREE on Tubi TV Now!

In 2016 there are probably more of us horror weirdos streaming movies as opposed to purchasing them, or waiting for their television arrival. Technology and technological trends have completely changed the landscape of horror.

We get our horror news online now, and we don’t have to wait a week, or a month to stuff valuable knowledge in our melons thanks to the latest issue of Scream or Fangoria. Nope, everything moves much faster today.

And in Tubi TV world, all the horror you could ever ask for happens to be running free!

If you’re interested in some hardcore binge watching as we edge closer to Halloween, then make TubiTV your next stop as you peruse the net. There are, quite literally, hundreds of horror movies you can stream for absolutely nothing.

Just one quick 20 second scan and I’m seeing titles like The Burrowers, a couple Sleepaway Camp films, Jacob’s Ladder, Cujo, My Bloody Valentine and An American Werewolf in London.

That’s just a few seconds browsing their lineup, which is just staggering.

Do yourself a proper justice and look into TubiTV!

Props to our extended family over at Dread Central for bringing this amazing gift from the horror gods to our attention!


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