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John Carpenter Calls Rob Zombie a Liar Over ‘Halloween’

John Carpenter on the set of Halloween

John Carpenter is a legend in this business. His work has been consistently amazing, and he’s created a few films that not only stand the test of time, but in some ways define certain time periods. Halloween would no doubt be one of those films, as the destruction of suburban safety changed the way Americans lived. John Carpenter showed us that even in cozy little communities dangers can present themselves, and the façade of safety can be more farce than fact.

John recently had the chance to speak on some of those things, but it was his opinion on Rob Zombie and Zombie’s telling of Halloween that really had eyes bulging.

Speaking with the students of the New York Film Academy, Carpenter was asked very directly what he thought of Rob Zombie’s rendition of Halloween. Carpenter’s response was a bit surprising as he relayed a story related to a Halloween documentary that featured Rob Zombie, among others, which gave way to some ill feelings from John himself.

“He lied about me. He said that I was very cold to him when he told me that he was going to make [Halloween],” said Carpenter. “Nothing could be further from the truth. I said, ‘Make it your own movie, man. This is yours now. Don’t worry about me.’ I was incredibly supportive. Why that piece of shit lied, I don’t know. He had no reason to. Why did he do it?”

That’s sounding quite quizzical, and perhaps there was a simple fracture in the discussion between Carpenter and Zombie. Whether this was a simple misunderstanding or not, it clearly left a foul taste in Carpenter’s mind.

“So, frankly, that will color my response to the film,” he continued. “If I take that away, I did not… I thought that he took away the mystique of the story by explaining too much about [Michael Myers]. I don’t care about that. He’s supposed to be a force of nature. He’s supposed to be almost supernatural. And he was too big. It wasn’t normal.”

Source: iHorror

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