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Barb of ‘Stranger Things’ and 12 Other Amazing Fan Favorite Characters Killed in Horror Movies

10 Bill Murray – Zombieland

Bill Murray’s work in Zombieland is nothing more than a glorified cameo. But it’s one of the finest cameos you’ll ever see, regardless of genre. Every moment Bill is in the picture is great. From the moment he’s toking reefer out of his hookah to the moment he reenacts a classic scene from Ghostbusters, he’s just brilliant. And then good old Columbus has to break our hearts by blowing a massive whole in Murray’s chest.

Yeah, that really happens, and no, Columbus should not be anywhere near a shotgun.

To be fair to Columbus, he was just aiming to ensure the gang all remained human and zombie bite free, but boy did he suck the fun right out of Casa De La Murray. Of course the world moves on and after a short celebration of Murray’s life, it’s back to survival mode. But it would have been pretty damn awesome if Murray had risen as an actual zombie and gotten a hold of Columbus.

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