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Barb of ‘Stranger Things’ and 12 Other Amazing Fan Favorite Characters Killed in Horror Movies

09 Frank – 28 Days Later

Frank was far and away the greatest character in the riveting 28 Days Later… he embodied the father willing to do anything and everything to protect his family archetype, and viewers immediately fell in love with the man. He’s big, he’s burly and he’s all heart and compassion… until one slip up sends a drop of infected blood plummeting from the sky and landing smack dab in the man’s eye. It’s heartbreaking to see.

The seconds that follow that fateful moment are somehow even more heart breaking. Frank knows he’s got a matter of seconds before he transforms into a raging flesh eater, and as badly as he wants to say his proper goodbye to his daughter, he can’t risk attacking her and he knows it. Within moments the lovable man is reduced to a completely lifeless pile of blood, bone and tissue, and within moments members of the crowd watching that horrific scene are fighting back tears.

This is one of the most powerful moments film has ever produced, and I honestly can’t think of a different performer that could have done this character the justice that the magnificent Brendan Gleeson managed.

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