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Barb of ‘Stranger Things’ and 12 Other Amazing Fan Favorite Characters Killed in Horror Movies

6 Eben – 30 Days of Night

Josh Hartnett may not look like your prototypical hero, but he’s proven himself an extremely versatile performer, not one to be consistently cast in any specific kind of role. I was leery heading into 30 Days of Night, a bit uncertain that Hartnett could pull it off, but he pulled it off alright, not only making the grade but skating right on by with an A for his efforts.

See, Hartnett portrays the sheriff in the desolate Alaskan town of Barrow, where the sun falls for 30 days straight. And for 30 days and nights Eben and a small group of survivors must use wit and physical prowess to outlast the horde of vampires that have descended on the community.

Throughout the film we get to know our characters well, and they’re an eclectic but amazing bunch. Eben, the leader with big heart and big stones, is eventually forced to allow himself to be turned into a vampire, as there’s simply no way of combating the master suckhead without a little physical modification. A war between Eben and the Master occurs and it’s amazing, with Eben somehow managing to put the ancient beast down. But just as the vampire problem is reaching its end, the sun is finally rising, and Eben, now a vampire himself, is faced with a decision: attempt to live on as a member of the undead (if you will), or exit as a proud hero, letting the sun bring about his gut-wrenching end.

It’s a dismal conclusion, watching Eben burn away to nothing but ashes, in the clutches of his love, but it was the only way this story could end. Sometimes nice guys really do finish last.

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