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SyFy Delivers BIG with 6 New Originals, Including ‘Stake Land 2’!

Stake Land 2

SyFy just announced the kind of Halloween gift one practically prays for.

We all know that SyFy makes some shifts during October in order to gift us their annual celebration, 31 Days of Halloween. And that of course means the genre will rule the roost for a month, science fiction works will still be factored into the lineup, just to a lesser extent. We know this routine.

This year, in addition to positional prominence, we’ll see a handful of genuinely promising SyFy Originals. One among the bunch really, really stands out: Stake Land 2.

The invisible project, I like to call it, is all queued up for air time, and as you just read, it’s going to see release not as Stakelander, as initially believed, but Stake Land 2. Sounds fine to me, either way.

Here’s the full rundown of the date and time this one’s booked for:


Original Syfy Movie Starring Nick Damici (Stake Land) and Connor Paolo (“Gossip Girl”) – Vampires have evolved, and Mister must save a young woman from an evil brotherhood.

Here’s the kicker, this really isn’t the only flick with appeal. Of the half dozen new works headed for SyFy in October, I’m actually intrigued by all of them. We may see a few misfires, but there’s some intrigue in just about every picture, starting with The Crooked Man.

The movie looks like it goes big on the visual effects, and it looks a little sketchy, in all honesty, but I’d like to know if there’s a story here, because if there is, then there’s at least a chance we get something small that could one day grow into something much bigger.

Day of Reckoning is another question mark, but with a synopsis that reads as follows, Some years ago, the world experienced a “day of reckoning” when creatures came up from below and purged humanity of evil… now, it is happening again sounds awesome, and who knows, maybe we could see some cool Lovecraftian type of terror. I’m in for a creature feature.

Look for this one to creep across your screens on Saturday, October 8, at 9/8c.

As for Channel Zero: Candle Cove, this looks damn promising:

Here’s the SyFy skinny:


Syfy Original Anthology Series – “CANDLE COVE” centers on one man’s obsessive recollections of a mysterious children’s television program from the 1980s and his ever-growing suspicions about the role it might have played in a series of nightmarish and deadly events. From Universal Cable Productions (UCP), “CHANNEL ZERO: CANDLE COVE” is from showrunner and executive producer Nick Antosca (“Hannibal,” “Teen Wolf”), who wrote the CHANNEL ZERO pilot, and Max Landis (Chronicle, American Ultra). The six-part anthology series will continue on Tuesdays at 9/8c through November 22.

I’m really looking forward to The Night Before Halloween. It just sounds awesome!

When a Halloween prank goes wrong, it unleashes a creature that will hunt each of the participants down and kill them, unless they can figure out how to transfer the curse to someone else.

More creatures? More time SyFy gets from me.

Airtime? SATURDAY, OCTOBER 29 at 9/8c

Original Syfy Movie Starring Bailee Madison (“The Fosters,” “Good Witch”) and Anthony Lemke (“Dark Matter,” American Psycho).

And one more picture for folks to chomp on, this one hitting televisions on October 22. Shadows of the Dead sounds like yet another creature feature, which means, yet again, I’m curious! Not much in the way of media to track down (those tricky SyFy guys!), but it never hurts to give an original a try.

Oh, and just because we love it so much, here’s the trailer for Stake Land.

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