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‘All Through the House’ isn’t Technically Great, But it’s a Whole Lot of Fun (Review)

Written by: Matt Molgaard

Directed by: Todd Nunes

CastAshley Mary Nunes, Jessica Cameron, Melynda Kiring

Sometimes what you expect to get is eclipsed by material far more sublime in nature. And sometimes you get the steaming pile you’d hoped you’d spot and be able to avoid. And then, every once in a while all the pieces scatter in different directions and you end up with a technically crappy little pic that just so happens to be an awful lot of fun.

Enter today’s test subject…

A movie like All Through the House manages to squeeze into that final category. It’s unoriginal, uninspired and quite average in just about every department. Yet somehow, the movie manages to be a lot of genuine fun, and there are a few different scenes that produce some really awesome unintentional comedy.

All Through the House isn’t going to be recognized as a great film, it’s likely going to be remembered as a mediocre slasher (that’s why you’re not being inundated with plot details, you already know them), if it’s remembered at all. But two big factors may manage to save this one, and those factors could actually help ensure that All Through the House is indeed remembered in the future.

The special effects are pretty damn awesome, and this isn’t work heavily coated in CGI, this is practical stuff that actually impresses. The truth is it’s a somewhat gruesome flick, with bucket upon bucket of syrup on hand to be poured and slung about with reckless abandon. The practical decision also adds a nostalgic vibe that proves immensely successful. There are times in which you’d swear you were watching a slasher that got shelved in ’86 and rediscovered and released in 2016.

I absolutely loved that about the movie.

The other realm that really rocks falls back on aesthetics, for the most part. Killer slashers need memorable killers, and they’ve got to bring a certain effectiveness and impact to the screen. They’ve got to be menacing. They’ve got to be mysterious. They’ve got to be imposing and frightening. And they’ve got to – no exceptions – sport some form of trademark to their appearance. There just has to be something very cool to the look of the maniac, or you’re going to forget what the big bad villain looked like in a matter of hours. All Through the House’s villain may actually be remembered, at least in direct relation to other Christmas themed serial killers. He’s got a simple look that actually kind of resembles Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty, covered in charcoal (so, like Phil Robertson). The darkened look of the visage really adds an atypical measure of intrigue.

The killer looks cool, I can’t deny that.

This really is something of a simple production, and that works in its favor. It never becomes pretentious and seems completely comfortable being a slightly rough around the edges, simple recycled slasher piece that once owned the 80s.

I’m comfortable with that, as well.

All Through the House sets out to do just one thing, and that’s entertain. I’ve always placed heavy emphasis on entertainment value when assessing pictures. This one brings big weight to the entertainment scale. It’s a bit goofy from time to time, but at the end of the day, it’s a fun, savage, bloody and bitchin’ little viewing experience.

Rating: 3/5

All Through the House Poster


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