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‘True Love Ways’ is Beautiful and Haunting (Review)

True Love Ways

Written by: Matt Molgaard

Directed by: Mathieu Seiler

Cast: Anna Hausburg, David C. Bunners, Kai Michael Müller

A slow and methodical voyage through a turbulent relationship and the morbid lengths the love stricken will trek to ensure the fire burns bright, True Love Ways will win some over while leaving others to snore logs. It’s hard to see much of a middle ground being occupied by those who elect to give True Love Ways a shot.

Personally, I found the film extremely magnetic, and just artsy enough to embrace and invest value in the unorthodox visual style – straight forward yet classical in key scenes, like the driving shot which essentially triggers the apex of the picture’s conflict, while tipping the hat to Psycho.

Now what I’ve told you is a vague but effective breakdown of the film. I’m working hard at steering clear of the flick’s greater details, but you do need to understand that the movie is quite intense, despite a slow start, and I’m intentionally under-selling certain details. It’s all intentional, and it’s all designed to fiddle with your curiosity. Because the movie is definitely worth looking into, in my humble opinion.

Anticipate quite the taut and bloody final act, as director Mathieu Seiler ratchets everything up to ensure an engaging closure to his initially slow burn piece of art. It’s both stimulating and rewarding. Watching the female lead, Anna Hausburg give it everything she’s got is a blast. She may not initially feel like a final girl, but by the time we’re deep into the flick she’s filling those shoes perfectly. What makes her character truly compelling is the fact that she’s got a very real Janet Leigh vibe about her, and we feel it in more than a single scene that honors Hitchcock. She’s quite the intricate personality and I’ll be damned if it doesn’t totally and completely captivate.

This isn’t some grand production with special effects galore, death defying stunt work or a-list celebrities in every frame. This little foreign affair is a precise opposite. As a fanatic who constantly hunts for the atypical, True Love Ways is that daring production that pushes boundaries and pulls at the mind’s fragile strings.

A solid candidate for best genre film of the year? It’s beautiful and haunting, disturbing and magnetic. I’d say yes, True Love Ways is absolutely a candidate for year’s best horror film.

Rating: 4.5/5

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