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Judith O’Dea Returns in ‘Night of the Living Dead: Genesis’ Trailer, Clips and Featurettes!

Night of the Living Dead: Genesis

If you’re not entirely sure of who Judith O’Dea is, just think of the most iconic film opener of all time and you’ll know the answer. You’ll also know if your name happens to be Barbra, because you know, at some point in time, you heard it: “They’re coming to get you, Barbra!”

Matt Cloude is one of the latest filmmakers to touch the beloved Night of the Living Dead, George A. Romero’s classic picture that now resides in the public domain, which means it’s free to tamper with in just about any way.

Will Cloude’s new film, Night of the Living Dead: Genesis, do anything unique? Yeah, it will – we already gave it away: he’ll be utilizing the acting talent of Judith O’Dea, or Barbra from the original film. That, we’ve got to admit, is pretty cool!

David Crawford, Jim Krut, and Mike Christopher, who all starred in Romero’s Dawn of the Dead are also featured in the film. Addy Miller (June), Melissa Eastwood (The Disappointments Room), and the uber sexy Sarah Snyder round out the cast.

Below you’re going to find a trailer a long time in the making. This project has been in motion for half a decade, and it looks as though we’ll finally see the release become a reality (okay, full confession: I’m personally pumped for this little flick)! And, just for an added bonus, we’ve got a look at two clips from the film and some awesome featurette material!

Check out the synopsis and videos below!

Synopsis: Night of the Living Dead: Genesis pays homage to the timeless classic while expanding upon its storyline to explore more of the night when the dead began to rise by chronicling the events through the eyes of lead heroine Barbra. Every legend has a beginning.

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