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True Horrors of Cinema: 8 Cursed Productions and Killer Movies

The Exorcist

Where do you start with The Exorcist?

How about the set fire?

Rumor has it the entire set burnt down, however, the room that belonged to the fictional character, Regan was apparently untouched in the fire. Linda Blair and Ellen Burstyn, however weren’t quite as fortunate: both were injured during production, the latter suffering a back injury during that astoundingly disturbing masturbation sequence.

Jack McGowran, who played Burke Dennings in the film, died suddenly just one week after finalizing his work in the picture. He wasn’t the only to lose his life.

A night-watchman as well as one of the film’s special effects technician died while making the movie.

Apparently, at one point things became so mysteriously precarious and terrifying, that an actual priest was called in to perform an actual exorcism.

A cardiac attack reportedly swarmed New York screenings of the film, one woman even suffered a miscarriage.

On the opposite side of the US, Los Angeles audiences suffered quite a bit as well. Apparently every single screening of the film led to numerous feinting spells and cases of serious vomiting.

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