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13 More Awesome Found Footage Movies

We’ve already compiled a list of found footage flicks you might want to check out. But the truth is, the found footage subgenre is still growing. For every disappointing affair to come our way, a little sleeper seems to creep through the cracks.

If Patrick missed a good one, we’re hoping to have caught it here. So, without any further ado, take a look at 13 more awesome found footage movies.


Into Bigfoot flicks? This is the best on the market, believe it or not. Ed Sanchez, who delivered the found footage launcher, The Blair Witch Project returns for another trek into hand held horror. Sanchez proves he knows exactly what audiences want, as he delivers a pic that feels infinitely more gratifying than The Blair Witch Project. It’s fast paced, loaded with strong characters and features the greatest Bigfoot costume ever captured on film. This is one of the best found footage pieces to see release and if you haven’t looked into it just yet, you’ve been missing a serious gem.

The Blair Witch Project

Speaking of Ed Sanchez, it seems quite fitting to give his breakthrough film a nod of respect. It’s become the norm to bash the film, and in all honesty it is a little rough around the edges with an anticlimactic finale, but the film is still extremely successful in regards to building tension. It’s also such a grimy piece that it has a very genuine feel to it. Few features in the subgenre manage to feel legitimately organic, but The Blair Witch Project does. This one hasn’t aged as well as others, but if you’ve checked out very few pics of similar nature, then this one might surprise you.

The Tunnel (2011)

Part mockumentary, part found footage, The Tunnel remains one of the more underrated subgenre installments out there. It’s a bit of a mystery why the pic hasn’t caught on with a larger crowd, but it’s a blessing that it’s available, all the same. If you’re into subterranean horror, or you just dig a really, really well-told tale that includes some very creepy imagery and top notch performances, The Tunnel is most definitely for you.


There are two found footage films on the market named Evidence, neither one is shabby, in the slightest, but this one is, in my opinion, the superior of the two. It kicks off on the standard camping trip note, but soon takes a strange and extremely unexpected turn. Howie Askins directs the film while lead man Ryan McCoy also handles writing duties, and he does a damn fine job of creating slick characters. Nothing however, shines the way the turn of the narrative shines. You won’t foresee what this group of 20-somethings runs into, and that’s the major beauty of the picture.

Lake Mungo

Another mockumentary piece, Lake Mungo is arguably the best film to arrive with any run of the After Dark Horrorfest lineup. The movie is extremely polished and the script is about as close to airtight as it gets. I’m not too eager to divulge too many details, but I will tell you this: the supernatural spin on the film is a welcomed treat, and the eventual spin the viewer is treated to, is even more sublime. If you’re big on eerie documentary pictures, you’re bound to see some beauty in this small pic with huge heart.

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