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AMC Spoils ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Cliffhanger; Here’s Who Negan Kills

Warning: This article contains potential spoilers for the season seven launch of The Walking Dead. If you don’t want to know who Negan kills, you probably want to get away from this page ASAP.

So we’ve seen a tremendous amount of speculation in regards to Negan’s first major victim on The Walking Dead. As most will remember season six came to a disappointing end when we received a cop-out of an exit. We see a first person POV in which Negan begins battering one of the gang with his iconic bat, Lucille. Then it’s off we go for months of waiting.

Well, it looks like AMC may have just spoiled the big mystery themselves.

A new trailer for the season seven return is officially live (you can watch it directly below), and, if we’re eyeing footage that will actually air on AMC, then someone may have just made a colossal mistake.

In the clip, Negan has already beaten someone to death. We know this not only because it was happening as season six came to a close, but also because the right side of Rick’s face is now covered with some heavy blood spatter.

The right side.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 1

Chances are, the crew behind the series weren’t so clumsy as to forget what order they’d lined up Rick and his men for the involuntary Negan slaughter, and this means that anyone seated on Rick’s left side is in the clear.

Scratch Sasha, Aaron, Carl and Eugene from your suspect list.

Now let’s be realistic and look at our possibilities according to the seating. To Rick’s right, where the violence ensues, is – from the far right to left (or left to right if you’re one of us fanatical goons studying the series) – Glenn, Rosita, Daryl, Michonne, Abraham and Maggie.

Here's the gang lined up. Rick is number one, Maggie is two, Abe is three, Michonne is four, Daryl is five, Sasha is six, Aaron is seven, Carl is eight, Eugene is nine, Rosita is ten and Glenn is 11

Here’s the gang lined up. Rick is number one, Maggie is two, Abe is three, Michonne is four, Daryl is five, Sasha is six, Aaron is seven, Carl is eight, Eugene is nine, Rosita is ten and Glenn is 11

One of these characters (well, at least one) is going to die on screen in just a matter of days.. But who looks to be eliminated according the blood on Rick’s face?

Glenn, Rosita, Daryl and Michonne seem too far away from Rick to cast such heavy splatter. But even if we’re bending the rules a bit, it’s hard to dismiss anyone from that particular list according to their seating, other than perhaps Michonne, who, at somewhere around six feet away from Rick, seems an unlikely donor.

So, that leaves us with Michonne (maybe), Abraham and Maggie.

While Abraham is going to meet his demise this season, it’s probably not going to be here, and Michonne’s story feels far from wrapped. Neither Michonne nor Abraham have received the foreshadowing that Maggie has as of late. She’s one of two (Carl being the other) characters too taboo to touch. And that’s why AMC is going to do some taboo stuff in season seven.

Maggie, who’s seated directly to Rick’s right, is about to die one of television’s most controversial deaths. She’s pregnant with Glenn’s baby, and she’s going to be beaten to death on October 23rd.

When you think about it, this is probably the most disturbing move the Walking Dead execs can make. It’s going to enrage some fans, and it’s going to have people talking like never before. It’s also going to inspire a river of tears on The Talking Dead.

A quick update before publishing: photographic evidence just hit the web a few minutes ago (literally as I was typing this article) and while we won’t show the image, because AMC will be all over us demanding we delete the article immediately, we can tell you with complete certainty that Maggie’s remains (the bloody mess of tissue featured in the new trailer above) contain an unmistakable clue. That clue is Maggie’s wedding ring.

It’s visible, and it seems to be solid proof that Maggie is going to die to begin season seven.

If you need further proof, hit reddit and visit the Walking Dead sub-forum. The evidence is posted for all to see, and it’s unmistakable.

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4 Comments on AMC Spoils ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Cliffhanger; Here’s Who Negan Kills

  1. Nice. A lot of work into analyzing blood splatter like a Dexter, but it is possible for AMC to botch the blood splatter or change orientation some how.
    If they go by the comics, it’ll be Glenn or Daryl since he’s not in the comics. But I could be wrong.


    • yeah, the big theory was Glenn would die and the story would follow the comic. Then the new trailer came out and they kind of botched things. They should have known some CSI shit would unfold. The picture of the bloody pile of remains pretty much solves things – it’s no doubt Maggie’s ring in that pic, though. Unfortunate, but kind of awesome in a twisted way.


      • Mr. Deadman // October 11, 2016 at 1:48 am //

        That’s a bummer. I would’ve liked to see Maggie beat up Rick and Carl pull out his gun to stop her. When I read that in the comic, I wondered if AMC would have the balls to do that


      • Yeah, it would have been cool to see. That said, I think this is a pretty good way to go. I half expected Abe to meet his end, as he’s obviously dead by this point in the comics, but I’ll be happy to see him stick around. It’s going to really screw with peoples minds seeing Maggie get the Lucille treatment. That’s some bold stuff right there.


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