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Check Out the Greatest Zombie Cake You’ve Ever Seen!

Zombie Cake

Scott Fensterer, who gained national recognition thanks to a stint on season nine of SySy’f popular show, Faceoff, has crafted an absolutely wondrous cake. Fensterer didn’t accomplish this massive feat alone however. Fensterer’s fiancé Amber Santos also got in on this challenge. This challenge, might I add, ended up an overwhelming success. Kudos, Scott!

This cake, as grotesque as it is, is also a magnificently gorgeous concoction that I wouldn’t mind eating… brains first!

Here’s what Scott had to say of his jaw dropping creation:

More pics soon, but this is the cake I worked on with Amber Santos and Lea Williams of Got Candy! It was an amazing adventure into new territory as none of us had ever made a cake of such size, detail, and logistical scope! We unveiled it at Lakeland Zombiefest and it was a huge hit! I’ll have more photos up soon, but I wanted to share the “before” pics! We eventually dissected it for the huge crowd and everyone was able to get a piece of The REAL Walking Ted even down to the first cut into the “brain”. As it was cut, it bled a dark Raspberry preserve!!! Thanks to Humberto Tito Hernandez, Minnie Rivera, Andrew Logan, and Shari Logan for the opportunity to “cut loose”! It was a blast!!!

Here are a few more images to check out. And, here’s to hoping Scott delivers more amazingness in the future!

Click the pics for full size images!

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