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Watch Abraham and Glenn Get Their Brains Bashed in During ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Premiere

Glenn's death in The Walking Dead Season 7

Note: This article is packed with nothing spoiler after spoiler.

So, we speculated. We shared rumors. We perpetuated theories that looked fool proof. And, happily, we got it wrong. We told you that Maggie would be the one to die in the season 7 opener, but rather, it was the last major leak from the set, and in a way, the first and most obvious prediction.

In said leak an image of a piece of paper with a few lines written on it is shown, and it details the scene. Glenn gets his head bashed in, Abraham jumps up and decks Negan out of rage and Negan in turn bashes Abe’s melon into mush. Moments later we see Daryl (and or Rick) being hauled away in the RV by Negan.

Well, that’s just about how it all unfolds.

It starts with Abraham, who gets his head bashed in brutally before uttering one final zinger: “suck my nuts” Leave it to Abraham to be so eloquent. Well, Daryl loses his cool, leaps to his feet and just about knocks Negan out cold.

Negan isn’t liking this turn of events, and for one horrifying moment we’re led to believe that unanimous favorite of the series, Daryl, is going to have his melon split wide open.

AMC tricks us.

Negan suddenly turns on Glenn and again let’s everyone know that those kinds of things don’t fly (this is also included in that leaked image of paper with thoughts jotted down – it isn’t written in screenplay form, by the way, in fact, it isn’t even written in brainstorming form or storyboard, which was a large issue that fans pointed to when refuting the scenario.

Turns out the fans were, to an extent, correct in theorizing that those script points were far from official or finalized. But you can see the core idea initially conjured up by someone, or multiple someone’s in the crew.

Daryl is hauled off, and looks as though he’s going to be Negan’s new project. He likes the man’s spirit, and he’ll attempt to exploit it in some sinister way, make no doubt.

Rick just about has to chop Carl’s arm off, but Negan gives him a kindly pass after a tense, terror inducing moment in which the viewer is all but certain poor little Carl is about to lose a limb… at his father’s hands, no less.

It’s a truly horrifying scene, but there’s absolutely no denying the fact that the entire episode as a whole is one massive horrifying scene.

Abraham had his head beaten into hamburger meat. Glenn had his eyeball knocked right out of his skull. It’s among the best makeup and refining digital effects work I’ve ever seen on the small screen. It gives us a good idea that limits we thought long ago may not be as taboo as initially believed.

We’re also gleaning this valuable piece of information regarding season seven of The Walking Dead: Rick and Carl have arms at extremely high risk. Robert Kirkman was bold enough to take Rick’s hand in the Image Comic very early on, when he encountered the Governor. Given the extensive CG work that will be utilized this season, it isn’t exactly a stretch seeing either father or son lose a hand. Or arm.

We’ll be back to smack you in the face with major spoilers next week!

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