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The Sweet 16 of Horror Movies (Final Four): Vote Now!

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By: Greg McCabe

Well, there’s been a lot of great feedback on the bracket and the Final Four has been determined! I’m thrilled to see how passionate people are about their favorite horror movies.

First, let’s talk about who was snubbed by being left out of the tournament. Two movies stuck out above all others when analyzing feedback: Nightmare on Elm Street & Suspiria, by respective horror legends, Wes Craven and Dario Argento. It’s tough being on the bubble.

Now, onto the first round of matchups!

In the “Psychological” region, Rosemary’s Baby was taken out by The Shining. Rosemary’s Baby was credited with putting occult movies on the map, but ultimately they couldn’t last against the evils that lurk in the Overlook Hotel. The other matchup in this region was Psycho versus The Exorcist. While The Exorcist is one of the most profitable horror movies of all time, it just couldn’t last against the iconic Alfred Hitchcock film.

Down in the “Killers” region, Halloween easily trounced Se7en. While Se7en jumped out to an early lead with a disturbing and visceral tale, it just couldn’t last against the innovative horror flick, Halloween. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre versus The Silence of the Lambs match had to go to overtime to produce a winner, but ultimately, the award winning The Silence of the Lambs was able to top the unnerving Chainsaw.

As far as the “Monsters” region goes, if this had been a Sweet 16 of summer blockbusters, Jaws would’ve probably taken it all, but since this is horror specific, Frankenstein easily made it out of the first round. The rock n’ roll vampire flick, The Lost Boys also proved to be no match for the groundbreaking, Night of the Living Dead.

In the “Paranormal/Sci-Fi” region, Aliens was able to take care of business against The Sixth Sense. While Haley Joel Osment might be able to see dead people, he didn’t see the Xenomorphs coming. Youth and inexperience proved to be too much for It Follows, which ultimately succumbed to the deep space horror that is Event Horizon.

Now, onto the Elite 8!

The contest to represent the “Psychological” region in the Final Four gave us The Shining against Psycho. This one came down to the final seconds, but ultimately, the infamous shower scene couldn’t hold up to The Shining and the horrors of room 237.

In the “Killers” region, Hannibal Lector and Agent Starling put up good fight, but couldn’t quite keep pace with the trailblazing slasher film, Halloween.

Representing the “Monsters” in the Final Four is Frankenstein. While Night of the Living Dead birthed the modern zombie, it just couldn’t quite keep pace with Frank.

Finally, in the “Sci-Fi/Paranormal” region, Event Horizon’s Cinderella story came to an end as they were easily routed by Aliens.

The Final Four should give us two outstanding matchups with The Shining versus Halloween and Frankenstein versus Aliens. Please keep providing us with great feedback and be sure to check back on Halloween day to see who wins it all!


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4 Comments on The Sweet 16 of Horror Movies (Final Four): Vote Now!

  1. The shinning


  2. I already commented on the last one, but I’ll comment my final here too:

    Frankenstein > The Shining


  3. The shining!!!


  4. Shining


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