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‘The Break-In’ Felt Fresh and Real (Review)

 Written by: Wesley Thomas

As a fan of what I call ‘Handy-Cam-Horror’, I loved this movie.

It was fresh. It was real. A little too real for my liking!

There are no flashy effects and extreme costumes. We have an American couple living together. They live aside their best friends. Life is perfect. Until, home invasions start.

Someone is on the loose, breaking into people’s homes in their neighbourhood. If that isn’t bad enough, the American couple are expecting a baby. So, in-between shocking news updates on multiple home invasions, wondering if their house will be next, they have the added stress of a baby on the way!

As we are openly told that everything is being filmed from a camera phone, everything has to look real. And, it is. Everything from the interactions between characters, to the decor, represent your typical homes and conversations. I am sure everyone can think of someone they know who are just like this couple. Which is what makes everything all the more realistic, and thus alarming. You feel as though you’re holding the camera, walking around your home in the dark, with a dangerous individual on the prowl…

Don’t let the movie’s attempt at realness fool you, there are a few genuine chills in the lead up to a shocking climax.

Also, we are given small chunks of clues as to how the movie ends, without evening knowing it!

Overall, a simple but effective horror movie that is entertaining and unnerving.

Rating: 4/5

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