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Halloween Gets Dangerous When Man Dressed as Freddy Krueger Opens Fire at Party

As dark as some of the things associated with horror can be, I think there are very few of us who want anything other than to have a good time on Halloween night. Nobody really wants to be the guy that sinks the whole ship. Right?

Apparently, for one particular Texas man, Halloween is a time to create real, no BS terror.

News oulet (per CBS affiliate KENS5) is reporting that a man dressed as the infamous villain of the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, Freddy Krueger, opened fire at a San Antonio party hitting five partygoers.

The victims, who as of the time of this writing have all survived, include four men and a woman.

According to witnesses, who were able able to capture footage of the shooter and other suspects, a group of uninvited individuals arrived with the intention of crashing the party. When partygoers attempted to escort the men from the building tensions rose and the trouble escalated. That’s when the man dressed as Freddy opened fire.

All five victims have recieved medical attention and have had their injuries declared non-life threatening. The shooter remains at large.

Let’s hope these jokers are apprehended soon. You don’t shoot people. Especially not dressed as Freddy.

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