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The Sweet 16 of Horror Movies (See Who Won the Championship) 

Frankenstein Movie

By Greg McCabe

Halloween has come and gone, but our love of horror movies remains! I really appreciate all the great feedback I received about this project. The dialogue surrounding these matchups took the bracket in a direction I never anticipated.

Now, on to the semi-finals!

Our first Final Four match pits the winner of the “Psychological” region, The Shining, versus the winner of the “Killers” region, Halloween. This one turned out to be real barnburner, but ultimately The Shining triumphed and advanced to the championship. Halloween was a groundbreaking horror film and certainly paved the way for the likes of Freddy, Jason, and Chucky, but ultimately, it couldn’t hold up to one of the most acclaimed horror films of all time, The Shining. “All work and no play” apparently makes Jack a dominant competitor as well.

On the other side of the bracket, the winner of the “Monsters” region, Frankenstein, took on the winner of the “Paranormal/Sci-Fi” region, Aliens. While the masterpiece, Aliens, held its own, it eventually succumbed to the raw power of Frank. Aliens set the bar for all sci-fi horror films to follow and was wildly popular with the critics, being nominated for seven Academy Awards and winning two, but it just couldn’t go toe-to-toe with the raw power that is Dr. Frankenstein’s monster.

Now, on to the championship!


The Finals gives us an epic matchup: The Shining versus Frankenstein. Stephen King famously dislikes Stanley Kubrick’s interpretation of his novel.  However, it’s considered by many to be one of the scariest films of all time. With a haunting sound track, foreboding mood, and an iconic performance by Jack Nicholson, this flick piles on paranoia and isolation related horror.

Ultimately, The Shining lost to Frankenstein in double overtime. While Frank was predated by Dracula and followed by other classic monster movies such as The Wolf Man and The Mummy, it was Frankenstein that captivated audiences. Mild by today’s standards, in 1931, this flick was hardcore. Never before had a Hollywood film tackled subjects such as grave robbing, child killing, and playing god. Based on the Mary Shelley novel, directed by James Whale, and starring Boris Karloff as the monster, this film can easily be given credit for bringing horror movies to the mainstream.

There you have it… after four brutal matchups, Frankenstein is crowned the champion of horror movies. Again, special thanks to all those who provided feedback, as well as graphic artist, Peng Fan, for putting together the brackets. Check out more of his work at












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1 Comment on The Sweet 16 of Horror Movies (See Who Won the Championship) 

  1. I agree with the right side choosing a finalist between Frankenstein and Alien. But the left side would have a stronger representant to face Frankenstein if their finalist came from a Psycho/Texas Chainsaw Massacre dispoute. All great movies, but I disagree with the path the left side came to… I also believe It Follows could have been stronger, if not facing Alien. Alien is just plain strong. Event Horizon had no chance at all in that middle! Missed Hellraiser, The Thing and Evil Dead between runners also, they’re top of mind. From the finalists, there was no chance for The Shining to front James Whale and Frankie! That was a deserved ending from the path things took.


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