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Shudder Adds Some Amazing Horror Titles, New and Classic!


Shudder is consistently winning fans over. Their selection continues to grow while exhibiting strong variety. For those who adore classic Italian terror – Shudder has it. If the good old slasher flick appeals to you, they’ve got you covered there as well. The selection is awesome, and it just grew!

There are some stellar new titles for you to soak up on Shudder, so we recommend you read on for full details, direct from the press release:

We’ve got a quadruple feature of Peter Cushing in THE GORGON, THE CREEPING FLESH, THE FLESH AND THE FIENDS and THE REVENGE OF FRANKENSTEIN. Joining him is Shudder’s first Vincent Price film: William Castle’s THE TINGLER. You’ll have to bring your own “Percepto,” unfortunately. And to accompany his legendary FX work in MANIAC, as well as his short form and television directing in TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE and THE THEATRE BIZARRE, Shudder is proud to stream the Tom Savini-directed NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1990). An unpredictable and exciting twist on the Romero essential, NOTLD ’90 upends your expectations and delivers incredible work from Savini, Patricia Tallman and Tony Todd (CANDYMAN).

Also new to Shudder is Guillermo del Toro’s elegant breakout, THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE, Joseph Kahn’s inventive teen terror DETENTION and 90s favorite FLATLINERS, the macabre medical feature starring Kiefer Sutherland, Kevin Bacon and Julia Roberts.

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