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The 10 Greatest Horror Movies of the 1990s

  1. Brain Dead / Dead Alive

Before Peter Jackson was directing big budget fantasy epics he started with movies such as Bad Taste, Meet the Feebles and this little gem. Brain Dead marks – for me – the first time I had ever seen a man wield a push lawn mower as a weapon. It’s also the first time I saw a man slam a zombie baby against a swing set, or a priest fly kicking the undead whilst proclaiming “I kick arse for the lord!” To put it lightly Brain Dead is kind of insane.

The simple story of a man named Lionel just trying to take care of his zombified mother escalates into one of the goriest and over the top climaxes I have ever seen. Gallons upon gallons of blood splatter (at one point this film held the distinction of using the most “blood” in cinematic history, though the film’s position as the bloodiest of all time may have been usurped by something else, at this point) in all direction as Lionel fights back an ever-increasing zombie horde. Old school practical effects are on full display here and it’s damn glorious.

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