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The 10 Greatest Horror Movies of the 1990s

  1. The Blair Witch Project

While I am not the greatest fan of The Blair Witch Project it’s hard to deny the impact it’s had on the genre, even birthing its own subgenre in the process. For me this movie wasn’t particularly scary, but the sense of growing unease I felt as I watched it for the first time was undeniable, most of that unease is birthed by the cast and how believable they come across as they grow ever more desperate and afraid. So authentic were their performances that there were a lot of people fooled into believing what they were seeing was indeed real.

The fallout from this movie is still being felt as the found footage genre is still very much alive. While some argue that The last Broadcast (technically speaking it would actually be the infamous Cannibal Holocaust, which hit the masses in 1980) was the first true found footage horror movie, The Blair Witch Project was the movie that popularized them and brought them to the mainstream.

As I said, I don’t particularly love this movie, but I respect it for what it accomplished on such a small budget and the affect it had on the genre I love so very much.

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