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The 10 Greatest Horror Movies of the 1990s

  1. Ravenous

The wendigo has been the subject of far too few movies. A Native American legend that’s tells of men who gorged themselves on human flesh only to transform into unspeakable beasts, should be tapped into on a much greater level. Ravenous tackles the subject, but takes a slightly different and at time more humorous approach. The Wendigo’s of Ravenous are more super human than monstrous, well at least in their appearance.

In a snowy military outpost in the mid-19th century a rescue party heads out into the wilderness after a stranger arrives with the tale of a group of men who’ve had to resort to cannibalism in order to survive, and from there we are treated to a delightfully gory and darkly comic take on the wendigo myth.

The final showdown between Guy Pearce’s Boyd and Robert Carlyle’s Colonel Ive’s is so entertainingly brutal that it alone is worth giving this movie a watch. And speaking of Robert Carlyle, he does some of his best work here, his character in fact is just so damn likable even when he’s murdering innocents for the sole purpose of gorging on their flesh, we can’t help but nod in approval. That’s an accomplishment to brag about. This movie hasn’t received anywhere near the amount of love it should have, so please hunt this one down, it deserves to be seen.

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