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The 10 Greatest Horror Movies of the 1990s

  1. The Relic

I may be in the minority on this, but to me The Relic stands as a great monster movie and should be touted among the very best of creature features; the Kathoga as its known in the movie, is a fast, brutal and deadly beast, brought to life by a mixture of some fantastic practical effects and CGI and while the CGI doesn’t hold up too well today, it’s generally used sparingly.

The story is simple: after a security guard is found torn to pieces in Chicago’s Museum of Natural History an investigation gets underway on the eve of a new exhibition opening. After the museum is thrown into lockdown several museum staff and guests are trapped inside, so when you add in the fact there is a vicious creature with an insatiable hunger roaming throughout the museum, you know we’ve got our horror movie.

Early VHS and DVD releases unfortunately had a pretty bad transfer, meaning that scenes often appeared far too dark. Fortunately with the advent of Blu-ray, The Relic has been restored and is no longer plagued by what I like to call AVP Requiem syndrome, so now is the perfect time to give The Relic the attention it deserves. It’s not the kind of movie that will blow you away, but it’s a very well made monster flick and it’s definitely worth your time.

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