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The 10 Greatest Horror Movies of the 1990s

  1. From Dusk Till Dawn

Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s (we can’t forget Robert Kurtzman, who wrote the story itself) collaboration yielded one hell of a result. From Dusk Till Dawn starts out as a crime road trip movie with the criminal Gecko Brothers taking a family hostage in their RV. Then out of nowhere it takes a sharp turn into savage vampiric anarchy when they stop at a strip club (everybody loves The Titty Twister) across the Mexican border staffed by a coven of blood suckers.

Spawning wo inferior but still pretty fun sequels and a TV show, From Dusk Till Dawn is as fondly remembered as it is for a damn good reason. When the blood, body parts and viscera start flying it’s almost beautiful to behold. The practical effects on display are marvelous and while there are certainly some artistic licenses taken with vampire mythos (I can’t recall any writing about them turning into rat monsters after you take their heads off with a bull whip) this stands as one of the best vampire movies I’ve seen, behind only Near Dark (don’t hate me but I think The Lost boys is a little over rated).

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