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Top 10 Scariest Movie Aliens of All Time

  1. Xenomorph (Alien Franchise)

These phallic headed nightmare creatures have been gracing our screens since the seventies. Over the course of seven movies, two great ones, one pretty good one, an interesting prequel, a very average one and the AVP movies which are… well moving on. Starting out as the spider like face-hugger which lays an embryo in the chest of a host, that when strong enough rips its way out of the ribcage as the aptly named Chest-burster they then grow into a drone, a seven to eight-foot tall monstrosity which in the words of the murderous android Ash is “the perfect organism, its structural perfection matched only by its hostility” who in Newt’s words “mostly come at night, mostly.” Then there’s the queen, the big bad, the “Bitch!” the fifteen-foot tall armoured killing machine that went toe to toe with Ripley in a power loader. If you were to come up against this thing well it would be game over man, game over!

The Xenomorph species is responsible for countless deaths, through movies, video games, novels and comics they have slaughtered their way across the galaxy since they were first introduced in the late-seventies and what an introduction that was: seeing John Hurt thrash in pain as his chest explodes spraying blood in all directions still makes me wince.

Just one of these things managed to take out two Predators (the only good scene in the AVP movies) so that should speak to just how dangerous they are. It’s hard to imagine a world in which Xenomorphs actually exist, within such a world I would no doubt mostly die pretty quickly, mostly.

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