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Top 10 Scariest Movie Aliens of All Time

  1. Greys (Fire in the Sky/Alien Abduction)

Greys are the most widely known alien type within popular culture. The tall, skinny, big eyed creeps who popularized the anal probe have been centre stage in many horror movies, which is why I had such a hard time boiling it down to just one, so I didn’t.

The greys of Alien Abduction are tall, muscular, and very aggressive and once they set their sights on you they will seemingly stop at nothing to get a hold of you. Their ships are also equipped with tractor beams than can snap you in two and their brutal tactics and complete lack of mercy makes them quite the terrifying foe.

Now the Fire in the Sky has a different breed of Grey. These merciless, disdainful monsters will subject you to some of the most gruelling and painful experimentation I have ever witnessed from an alien abduction movie. Their curiosity mixed with their total lack of sympathy towards humans makes them just as terrifying as the Brutish aliens I mentioned above.

Now I am cheating a little here as Fire in the sky isn’t technically a horror but the alien abduction scenes in it are so unsettling and horrific that I had to make mention of them.

No Match for Moses

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