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Top 10 Scariest Movie Aliens of All Time

  1. Crites (Critters)

I love these things. The Crites are murderously mischievous little fur balls that kill with a piranha like ferocity and in a group, can strip you to the bone in a matter of seconds. Across four movies (some much better than others) they have terrorized a small family farm to an entire town all the way up to a space station; their hedgehog crossed with a porcupine like appearance makes them kind of cute if you ignore the red glowing eyes, several rows of teeth and the paralysing barbs they fire out of their spines. But their tiny limbs and the way they tuck themselves into a ball and roll around is kind of adorable.

They first come to earth after they escape from an asteroid prison at which point they proceed to eat everything they can find: Humans, cows, chickens, burgers – basically anything that isn’t a vegetable. At release a lot of people brushed this off as a Gremlins rip off but it was written long before Gremlins went into production (at least according to its director anyway) and I won’t deny there are certainly similarities but you know what, the gremlins can’t form themselves into a twenty-foot tall wrecking ball that strips you down to the bone in under a second.

No More Jello for Me

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