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Top 10 Scariest Movie Aliens of All Time

  1. Blob (The Blob 1988)

So the blob is an amorphous, gelatinous, amoeba like mass that grows in size as it consumes any and all organic material it comes into contact with. The Blob is one of those rare movies where the remake is in my opinion at least better than the original (editor’s note: as much as I adore the original, I completely agree!), it’s in the remake where we get to see the affect the blob has on the humans it devours and it’s pretty damn harrowing. Hearing that first guy’s muffled screams as he desperately reaches out for help as the blob strips the flesh from his bones is pure nightmare fuel.

You’d never think a huge jelly like blob could be particularly scary but trust me this thing is terrifying and all the more so due to the truly horrifying way it dispatches its victims. Brought to life by some fantastic practical effects this is the kind alien monster that will stick with you. Like I said, it’s harrowing.

There has been chatter of another remake for a while now. Rob Zombie was in talks at one point and now Simon West is slated to direct, but no news has come out for over a year now. It’s apparently still in development but it’s not really necessary as we already got a great remake. But if it ever does get made here’s hoping it lives up to the movies that came before it.

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