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In Light of the Developing ‘Child’s Play 7’ We’re Ranking the Entire Franchise from First to Worst!

Child's Play Art

The great Don Mancini has been teasing the seventh Child’s Play film quite a bit recently, and that’s got us stoked. In my personal case, it’s got me so stoked a binge-watched the entire franchise (I absolutely adore the latest boxed set that features all six pics) from about 8 o’clock last night until about 5:30 this morning; countless cups of coffee were obliterated in said stretch. I’m a tired teddy bear today sure, but I’ll be damned if that wasn’t one of the more enjoyable binge sessions I’ve ever embarked on.

And watching every movie in the franchise consecutively led me to an interesting understanding: Not only is Don Mancini an unquestionable modern master of horror, the Child’s Play franchise is quite possibly the most consistently strong genre franchise in existence. Thus far, six films have seen release and only one of those left me feeling a bit underwhelming.

Six franchise films, one kind-of dud. How many franchises can make that claim?

Here now, after a completely fresh screening run (I admit to not feeling so fresh as of now), is my list of Child’s Play films, from the absolute best to the closest thing to a failure the series has produced.

The Original is Always the Best, Right?

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