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Evil Dead Day: ‘Evil Dead 2: Revenge of Hitler’ Rocks in a Risqué Manner (Review)

Evil Dead 2: Revenge of Hitler

I woke up this morning and decided I was just going to leap into the world of the Evil Dead and write about, well, all things Evil Dead!

So let’s get started!

Author Ian Edginton and artist Larry Watts join forces to create one of the more outlandish Evil Dead books out there. Sure, Ash has tangled with damn near every form of Deadite to crawl from the bowels of Hell, but in this instance things get really interesting: it’s Revenge of Hitler, after all.

Ash is busy spending his time being Ash, wondering what insanity may show up at his door when a whole lot of insanity comes knocking. It’s a massive load of mammoth Deadites, but interestingly enough, on this day they don’t aim to rip Ash limb for limb, they’re looking to him to help end the existence of a newly resurrected (thanks to that damn Necronomicon) Adolf Hitler.

You probably already guessed: the moment Hitler is reborn in the flesh, he’s looking to kick off a new campaign of world domination.

Now this kind of story could have slipped into the ranks of tastelessness and offensiveness rather quickly, given Hitler’s involvement, but Edginton does an excellent job of painting Hitler the despicable beast he is. And it doesn’t take Ash long to bring that despicability to an end. Ash cleans house and takes Hitler’s head. But the Deadites who recruited Williams for the job had promised to rid his body of the evil that lives deep down. And those assholes reneged on their deal.

It’s a tough break for Ash, but it’s an awesome book for fans. The artwork is sharp and every frame is crisp and easy to interpret. The story barrels along without a single-page delay. It’s just a damn fine book, and I’m beginning to get used to Space Goat’s consistent awesomeness.

The only downside of this book is that it serves as a one-shot. I wouldn’t have minded seeing Ash whip Hitler’s rear for a good four to six issues. Oh well, Hitler will probably find his way back to the living soon enough!

Order this bad ass book right here.

Rating: 4/5

Evil Dead 2: Revenge of Hitler

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