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Evil Dead Day: Perfectly Timed ‘Army of Darkness: Ash for President’ Offers a Candidate We Need!

Ash for President

Elliot Serrano puts together a story that’s not only unique to Ash’s entire existence, it’s also extremely well-timed given the current crumbling state of the US. We’re stuck with Trump for four years, but I’ll be damned if Serrano doesn’t make it clear that Ash Williams would make for a fine president.

Sounds insane, right?

Well, Ash doesn’t give a damn about politics, and, as it just so happens, there are an awful lot of Americans who really don’t give a damn about politics, either. We want to believe in someone, and that someone has to be a talker. Obama proved that eight years ago, and in 2016, Ash just really reaffirms this.

But, onto the details of the story: What it all comes down to is the fact that the final two presidential candidates are duking it out in a bid to call the White House home for a few years. But the Necronomicon won’t stop blathering about the fact that one of those candidates is actually a Deadite with some vicious plans for America, so it’s all up to Ash and a psychic medium to execute the disguised Deadite.

In order for Ash to leave himself in a position to assassinate a presidential candidate he’s got to get on stage and share some face time before all Hell breaks loose. I won’t spill all the details of how that happens, or who the undercover Deadite is, but the finale is loaded with craziness and makes for one of the more memorable Evil Dead books.

Serrano makes a few social statements in the book, but he slips them in there without an overbearing voice which is greatly appreciated, and Diego Galindo’s artwork is the perfect match for this tale. The two are just top notch together, and any author who can find a window to slip a Travis Bickle (if you haven’t seen Taxi Driver, consider sacrificing yourself to the Deadites) line into an Evil Dead book, wins huge points for me.

I wasn’t all too certain of how this one would work for me, but as it turns out, it’s so profoundly atypical of all other Evil Dead/Army of Darkness books that I fell in love with it inside of a few pages.

If you want a witty book with sharp dialogue, smooth artwork and some damn solid artwork, keep an eye out for Ash for President. Something tells me this book will only continue to grow on me as the next four years barrel by.

A for effort? Hell no – A+ for awesomeness!

Rating: 5/5

Ash for President

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