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12 Important Moments from Sam Raimi’s ‘Evil Dead’


1:09:30: An adventure in the cellar gets underway, and it all begins with gallons of blood. Then just as it looks as though a war will gown in subterranean regions, Ash makes it out of the cellar only to run right into an evil energy that not only courses through the cabin, it courses through the air, everywhere, and seems to bend reality as Ash knows it. This entire shot, which lasts a number of minutes and it really shines as it clears up one thing that may have been on your mind: Is this a zombie film, a possession film or a supernatural film? We already knew the answers to the first two, but that supernatural element is confirmed when Ash sticks his arm right into a liquefied mirror. It’s an inventive shot that explains more than it may seem on the surface.

The Final Showdown

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