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10 Crucial Easter Eggs from Season 7 of ‘The Walking Dead’

Vengeance for the Plunderers

The Walking Dead Easter Egg

This one is a pretty obvious pick. Back when the Wolves were giving the Alexandrians shit, things got ugly and Carol, along with those staying in Alexandria that had moxy, turned the tides and handled their business. A nice sign went up with a clear message: ‘Welcome to Alexandria Safe Zone: Mercy for the Lost, Vengeance for the Plunderers’ and as episode four draws to its end, after Negan has redefined plundering, Rick stops to gaze at that sign for a good long time. He’s obviously feeling beaten, but he’s obviously got vengeance on his mind. There’s a plan for Negan, and it may be in the earliest of stages but it’s going to grow in coming episodes.

Episode 5

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