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10 Banned Films You May Want To Know About

Written By: Tara Mae Jackson

Over the years many movies have fallen victim to censorship, they’ve had to make alterations to the film, pare down extreme content, and cut away offending material.  Sometimes even this isn’t enough for the movies to get a pass in all countries.  America itself may impose cuts in order to fit certain ratings, but there are strict laws in some countries that just do not allow certain films to ever become distributed or viewed.  In the early 80’s there was a big to-do about banning films in the U.K. and there was the creation of what has become known as the Video Nasty list, a list of titles in which some of the movies are still not allowed in full today.  These are the kind of titles that some of us seek out, wanting to see the extreme, the messy, the truly disturbing, something that pushes the envelope on what is acceptable to view and what should never be realized beyond the disturbing thoughts of mad men. What I have put together here is a list of 10 notable titles that have been banned at one time or another, and some of the listed reasons for the banning’s.

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