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10 Banned Films You May Want To Know About

  1. The Evil Dead 1981

Sam Raimi made this low budget flick with several college pals in a cabin in the woods based off a short film he had previously done. The Evil Dead was banned in Singapore and West Germany and landed on the non-prosecuted portion of the Video Nasty list of the U.K. due to its excessive graphic violence and gore. The movie itself is about a group of five friends taking a trip to a cabin in the deep woods and inadvertently unleash demons straight out of the Naturom Demonto. Our main character, Ash, must find a way to survive the demonic possession of one friend after another, by whatever means possible. The violence begins with the rape of his sister Cheryl by demonically possessed trees, and things snowball from there. Not lacking humorous elements, Campbell’s depiction of our reluctant hero is spot on. Gory and sometimes just gross, this movie stood out and even gained the attention of Stephen King who helped put the wheels in motion to get the sequel made. Since grossing out and wowing audiences in 81, this movie has had two successful sequels, a re-make in 2013, video games, and now a television series titled Ash Vs the Evil Dead starting in 2015.

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