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10 Banned Films You May Want To Know About

  1. Cannibal Holocaust 1980

Director Ruggero Deodato definitely made waves with this Italian exploitation horror film with content so shocking that many people today still refuse to view the film. Earning a spot on the U.K.’s Video Nasty list is no surprise, and this movie was also banned in Australia, Singapore, Norway, New Zealand, Iceland, Malaysia and Finland. It garnered banned status mostly for the extreme sexual violence and animal cruelty/deaths that pepper the film from beginning to end, but a fair amount also list explicit violence as well.The movie in part is a found footage film, though nothing like the ones we have today, it follows an anthropologist into the jungle in search of a missing documentary crew who have run afoul of the cannibal tribe they were filming. All that is recovered of the crew are film canisters that contain the footage of their fateful expedition into the “green inferno.” Once things progress to the found footage portion the violence portrayed is quite astounding and has made this movie one unforgettable journey and a truly depraved glimpse into the darkness of man. Rounded out with some of the most hauntingly beautiful music, this film will test the mettle of many genre fans.

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