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10 Banned Films You May Want To Know About

  1. A Serbian Film 2010

Some films seem to set out to push the limits to the extreme of what should be allowed on film, and this movie certainly did just that. Banned in Australia, Brazil, Germany, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore and Spain for reasons such as extreme violence, pedophilia, necrophilia, and abhorrent or other offensive content. This extremely objectionable flick is a morbid tale of a male porn star; trying to clean up his act, he takes a role in what he believes is an art film only to find that he is working on a snuff film. The madness that ensues includes scenes of child rape, death by forced fellatio, and as also cited in the reasons for garnering a banned status, sex with the dead. This movie truly has many people on the fence as to whether it should be viewed, even in countries that it hasn’t been banned in. I have not heard one person claim to love this film, and many will say that you should stay away, but that only seems to fuel some of the curiosity seekers to want to know what is so bad about the content of the film. It almost comes down to a morality issue.

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