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‘Bunny the Killer Thing’ is Just Crude Humor and Rape Scenes (Review)

Written by: Daniel Hadley

Director: Joonas Makkonen

Cast: Enni Ojutkangas, Jari Manninen, Orwi Manny Ameh

My exposure to Finnish horror movies basically begins and ends with the fantastic Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale. There have been a couple more over the years that have come and gone – Sauna from all the way back in 2008 was also a pretty good time.

So Bunny the Killer Thing, I won’t deny that I was drawn to this movie based mainly off of its title alone, although after sitting through it I can say that Bunny the Rapist Thing would have been more apt. Being that I’m not that big of a fan of rape being played for laughs I found the movie to be a little distasteful. There’s nothing wrong with a dark and grim sense of humour (I happen to have one myself) and maybe if it had just happened the once I could have looked past it. The Movie Feast did something similar in one scene which is a movie I really liked, but you know, that was one scene.

So anyway, moving past my aversion to “laugh out loud” rape scenes I’ll get onto the plot. An author is abducted by a group of masked men and given an unexplained formula which mutates him into a half bunny, half man hybrid who has an insatiable urge to mate with the opposite sex. His ever so delightful catchphrase which he seemingly can’t help but to screams over and over again being… urgh “Fresh pussy!” – I mean it’s hilarious isn’t it, isn’t it!

So, a group of overly horny young people head out to a cabin in the woods and are attacked by the giant bunny rapist as the filmmakers milk the udder of that joke until it secretes nothing but dust and tears. This movie is labelled as a horror comedy; well it’s not funny and it’s not scary, its humour is far too juvenile to elicit a laugh and its villain is played too much for laughs to be considered scary or horrifying.

If you enjoy watching people walk in on others masturbating or a guy sniffing a woman’s panties funny then be my guest. Laugh as raucously as you please.

What did I like about this movie? Well there are a few really nice looking shots and the splatter style gore was kind of fun. There is a great over the shoulder shot where one of the movie’s heroes takes off a guy’s head with a double-barrelled shotgun as he stumbles through the snow. It’s a great example of the two positives I mentioned above coming together to deliver something rather commendable amid a storm of terrible sex jokes and gross out humour.

The acting is mediocre leading into bad, but with horror movies of this type I can overlook bad acting as long as the movie is fun. But this movie isn’t fun, it’s boring. So bad actors delivering terrible dialogue laced with awful humour is what we are treated to. But what about the titular character? Well, it’s a guy running around in a onesie with a flopping twelve inch dildo strapped between his legs – I know, movie magic right – he is what I imagine most people think of when you try to explain furries.

I really don’t have much to say about this other than that I really didn’t like this. It’s not funny, it’s not scary and thus it’s not entertaining. And despite boasting a few great looking shots it has zero value. But if my words haven’t deterred you and you remain curious and want to give Bunny the Killer Thing a shot, well by all means, hop to it.

Rating: 1/5

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