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Is This the Actual Teaser for ‘Saw: Legacy’?

I’ve been fooled by these crafty youtube editors in the past. Some fan cuts look so damn impressive it can be hard to even peg them as unofficial work. Such could well be the case with the new Saw: Legacy teaser.

We’ve got a look at it below. It doesn’t reveal too much we haven’t already seen in the franchise, but the editing is a little frenetic, so it isn’t so easy to spot archival footage. The one thing is does seem to have going for it is a shot of the graveyard with what could be interpreted as freshly disturbed graves. A handful of months back a set photo that looks like that same graveyard hit the net and had people contemplating.

Now you can contemplate some more… or maybe you know more than I do, and you’ve already got this riddle solved.

Saw: Legacy is slated to hit theaters on October 27, 2017.

Michael and Peter Spierig direct.

Tobin Bell is the only confirmed participant in the film, according to imdb.

Synopsis: It’s probably about traps.

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2 Comments on Is This the Actual Teaser for ‘Saw: Legacy’?

  1. this is clearly a fan made video


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