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Best of ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark’: The Tale of the Phantom Cab (Season 1, Episode 1)

The 1st episode of the cult classic series Are You Afraid of the Dark focuses on brothers who find themselves lost in the woods. The bigger brother is a know it all D-bag, while the younger brother is a nerdy thinker. Still, the two end up deep in the woods and the sun is falling away at a rapid pace.

There’s a glimmer of hope when they encounter Flynn, a man also wandering the woods. But he knows a place where these boys can warm up for the night… so long as they’re familiar with riddles!

Once at the creepy cabin the boys meet another man, this one being far creepier than Flynn. It’s obvious the man has some cruel intentions on his mind, and when he shows the boys a severed human hand, they run for their lives.

Again the boys encounter Flynn, but this time, he’s driving a cab. And this time he begins telling his own story, including a few key details regarding his encounter with the insane man in the woods, and his position behind the wheel of a vintage cab.

There are multiple sequences that really shine in a brutal way. While we don’t really see any crazy gore (remember, this one was aimed at kids) we do get a few eye-popping visuals to squeeze your attention.

We get a handful of spirited performances and a couple nice set pieces here, as well. The story was a perfect launch point for this long-running fan favorite show.

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