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10 Amazing Fan Made Horror Trailers

Five Nights at Freddy's

There are some awesome editors in the making out there, and one of the things they love to do is get their practice in by re-cutting trailers. Horror films are often the focus of these fan trailers, and there are so many top notch vids out there we thought it would be fun to share a few of our favorites. Here’s a look at 10 amazing fan made trailers!

The Conjuring 3

Excellent transitions and enough “activity” to keep the eyes glued to the trailer, this is a well-done little cut from Youtube user “ET.” If The Conjuring 3 ends up looking half as cool as this trailer, we’ll have a winner on our hands!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Youtuber Lara crafted a fan trailer for The Rocky Horror Picture Show that is so damn impressive it could easily be confused as a professional cut. The coolest thing about it is how modern it makes the film feel. Not that we need a modern Rocky Horror… we saw how that went earlier this year.


I’ve got nothing but love for Youtube user Horror Show Host. Whoever is behind this screenname is rather talented, and you’ll get that impression the second you check out their fan made trailer for Animal. I don’t even know what the hell Animal is, but after seeing this trailer, I know I want to watch it!


Horror Show Host strikes again! This fan-made trailer for John Frankenheimer’s Prophecy is actually superior to the official trailer. Now that’s a mighty fine accomplishment… even if it didn’t yield big bucks.

Silent Hill 2

Apparently Youtuber The Damn Beast is a damn beast with fan-made trailers. This slick little piece promises a second Silent Hill film that looks infinitely cooler than everything we actually saw in the second Silent Hill flick.

Friday the 13th: The Axed Generation

Wow… Jason versus the Star Trek gang. I’m serious. And this is awesome. It’s a crossover idea I’d never contemplated, now I’m praying to the powers that be that someone makes this a reality! Kudos to Youtuber Mindd Kidzag!

Halloween III: Season of the Witch

CactusSmasher keeps this fan made trailer simple, and something about that approach really pays off. The trailer is as melancholy as the film itself, and this would sell the hell out of the film were it a new production with this serving as the focal promotional trailer.

Neill Blomkamp’s Alien

Holy hell is this awesome! Hopefully we’ll actually see Blomkamp’s version of Alien, because it could be absurdly cool. For now we’re going to have to settle for one of my personal favorite fan made trailers. Tell me this doesn’t get you pumped for a new Alien flick. Go ahead, try and tell me that!

Shin Godzilla

Short Movies uploaded a pretty kick ass trailer for the latest Godzilla flick, and it’s nasty, in a good way. The beast looks as bad ass as he’s ever looked, and the rate with which the trailer reveals things is absolutely on point. As if I didn’t already want to see Shin Godzilla – now I’m aching for it!

Five Nights at Freddy’s – The Movie

This faux trailer for a live action rendition of Five Nights at Freddy’s isn’t perfect, but it’s loaded with charm and it does a good job of blending live action shots with the animation we’ve seen from the games. We like it, plus, we want to see an official Five Nights at Freddy’s movie, so, it makes the list. Thanks, Jayk Pound!

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