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Remembering Horror’s Legends: A Tribute to Those Who Died in 2016

Ted V. Mikels (87) Died on October 16, 2016

Ted V Mikels

Ted V. Mikels directed and produced a slew of horror films that date all the way back to the ‘60s. Among the many films Mikels helped bring to life are The Astro-Zombies franchise, The Doll Squad, Demon Haunt, Chimera and Ten Violent Women.

Mikels died two weeks shy of Halloween, 2016, when he passed as a result of complications of colon cancer.

Michael Massee (64) Died on October 20, 2016


Sadly, many will remember Michael Massee only as the man who killed Brandon Lee on the set of The Crow. Massee, in truth, was much more than that, and he proved so in pictures like Se7en, Lost Highway, At the Devil’s Door, The Resident, and The End of Violence. He also showed up in stellar television series’ The X-Files, Carnivàle, Supernatural and Fringe.

Cancer ended Massee’s run on this planet after only 64 years.

Steve Dillon (54) Died on October 22, 2016

Steve Dillon

The death of Steve Dillon rocked the comic world. Dillon is the stud who enjoyed his greatest run illustrated the amazing Preacher comic. He also did some amazing work on Hellblazer, The Punisher, Judge Dredd and Wolverine, to name a few marquee books.

Dillon’s cause of death is still unknown.

John Carson (89) Died on November 5, 2016

John Carson

If you know Hammer Films, you know John Carson. Carson appeared in a major string of horror films, his career stretching all the way back to the ‘40s. Intent to Kill, H.G.Wells’ Invisible Man, Oliver Twist, Ghost Squad, It’s Dark Outside, Blood Beast from Outer Space, The Plague of the Zombies, Taste the Blood of Dracula, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, Hammer House of Horror and Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter, to name just a select few.

Carson died on November 5th, but his cause of death is unknown.

Lupita Tovar (106) Died on November 12, 2016


Lupita Tovar doesn’t have an extensive list of genre credits to her name, but she was featured in one of history’s rarely praised treasures, the Spanish version of Dracula, which is arguably a superior film to Bela Lugosi feature, which was shot alongside the Lugosi masterpiece.

Tovar lived to be an amazing 106 years old. Her cause of death is unknown.

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