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Remembering Horror’s Legends: A Tribute to Those Who Died in 2016

Tom Neyman (80) Died on November 13, 2016

Tom Neyman

Tom Neyman didn’t work in the business very much, or very often, but he was the morbid genius behind one of histories “worst” films. Manos: The Hands of Fate is generally viewed alongside Plan 9 from Outer Space when the worst film in history is brought up for debate.

The cause of Neyman’s death is unknown.

Alice Drummond (88) Died on November 30, 2016

Alice Drummond

Alice Drummond is another name you may not recognize, but whose face you no doubt will. Drummond is famed for her appearance in Ghostbusters. She played the amazing librarian we all still love to this day.

Drummond died as a result of complications from a fall she suffered.

Don Calfa (76) Died on December 1, 2016

Don Calfa

Don Calfa never rose to Hollywood prominence, but he did have a fair career with a fine genre film taking up space on his résumé. The Return of the Living Dead is the film I reference. While Calfa did turn up in a few smaller horror pieces (he did some work on Twin Peaks) throughout his career, some of his more recognizable efforts came from non-genre related pics. Weekend and Bernie’s, Doctor Dolittle, Columbo and Bugsy are a few of Calfa’s memorable appearances.

Calfa passed away on December 1st, 2016, a result of natural causes.

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