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VOD Roundup: 10 Best Films Streaming on Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Shudder and Tubi TV

Rather than limiting our guidance this month, we’ve branched out to suggest all of the heavy hitter films to be featured on Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, Shudder and Tubi TV. If you can’t find something to watch with the assistance of this list, then you’ve probably seen an awful lot of genre work!

Amazon Prime


What needs be said of Beetlejuice? The comedy is there. The terror is there. Tim Burton’s penchant for epically grand scares was already there. Then you throw in the likes of Michael Keaton, Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis and Winona Ryder and you’ve got yourself the perfect recipe for the perfect 80s smash hit.

The Burbs

One hell of a good comedy with perfectly suggested horror, The ‘Burbs is one of those movies you have to see, at the very least, once. The comedy is gold, and the performers in the flick – from Tom Hanks to Bruce Dern and everyone in between absolutely rocks. Hell, we even get a little Feldman! Watch this very cool, often moody tale of paranoia and potential horror.

Silver Bullet

I shouldn’t need to sell this one to you, but here goes, anyway. Gary Busey stars as a bad ass uncle who makes his crippled nephew a high powered wheelchair. Said awesome uncle also helps our young hero fight a full grown werewolf. Sound awesome? That’s because it is awesome, so awesome in fact some would argue this is a top 10 film of the ‘80s.

Dead Ring

Do yourself a favor and go into this one blind. It is literally nothing like what I had anticipated. So, I got a surprise and a pretty trippy film that consistently carried my mind away to some interesting places. The look of the film is great, as it feels very “1980s” although there are a number of moments that should reminder you this flick isn’t 30 years old.

The Crypt

You’ve seen this movie released under different names in the past, but this particular catacomb offering does a few intriguing things, and gives us a chance to care for most of the primary ensemble. The movie sure as hell isn’t perfect, but I didn’t feel robbed of my time when the final credits began to roll.

Prisoner Number A26188: Surviving Auschwitz

Prepare to become enraged. Prepare to shed a few tears. Prepare to feel a bit of sadness for humanity as a whole. And tear right through a box of tissue in the process. Prisoner Number A26188: Surviving Auschwitz isn’t a horror film in the traditional sense, but it is unquestionably horror. Watch at your own risk.

The Monster

I was surprised as all hell to spot this on Amazon already, but it was a good surprise! The film marks a return for Bryan Bertino, who directed the killer home invasion flick, The Strangers, and he makes good on his return. There are emotional terrors practically oozing out of the screen while this one is on, and that’s not even when the terror of the monstrosity waiting in the rain becomes a more aggressive threat to the players of the picture. One of 2016’s best.

Deadly Blessing

One of Wes Craven’s earliest films, Deadly Blessing doesn’t feel as polished as most of his later work, and the film as a whole hasn’t aged all too well, but there are qualities to be treasured here. There’s a touch of xenophobia in the undercurrents of the film, which for the record, grows increasingly creepier as the run time moves forward. If you haven’t seen this Craven film, you’re missing something worth looking into.

Dark Water

You probably saw the American remake of this film, but that didn’t do the original any justice. Hideo Nakata generally plays it somewhat safe with a lot of the Japanese tropes you’re used to seeing, but there are also a few really hardcore WTF moments that make the movie significantly creepier than its eventual American follow up.

Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things

Completely ignore the title of this film, as it has virtually nothing to do with what occurs in the film. What occurs in the film however, is all over the place crazy, and I think it’s likely to appeal to those who prefer comedy over terror. It is enjoyable, as a horror fan, I can admit that. I can also admit that it’s one damn weird zombie movie!

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