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Horror Actors Who Are Also Real Life Murderers

Even contemplating the gruesome nature of our genre, it’s still hard to imagine some of our horror favorites being savage enough individuals to kill someone. But more than one familiar face has indeed ended at least a single life prematurely. Read on to learn which of your favorite genre performers have tainted hands.

Let’s begin the slideshow, shall we?

Rebecca Gayheart

(Horror ties: Urban Legend, Scream 2, Santa’s Slay)

Back in 2001 Rebecca Gayheart decided she was in a rush to get to her location, and anyone passing the street, child or adult, were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time… because Rebecca “I did one good movie” Gayheart had somewhere to be.

Gayheart hit a 9 year-old with her car on that day, and he later died from his injuries. Gayheart was convicted of vehicular manslaughter, a charge to which she pleaded “no contest.”

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3 Comments on Horror Actors Who Are Also Real Life Murderers

  1. This is awesome and sad at the same time. I never knew. The Crow is absolutely in my top 10 favorites.


  2. Sooooo…..only one was a murder


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