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WTF? There’s a Female Prisoner Known as the ‘Ice Cream Killer’ and She’s Being Moved to a Male Prison?

The world is a weird place. Serial killers get nicknames like Ice Cream Killer. Women get tossed into prison with some savage males. Wait… this isn’t necessary reflective of the world, it’s just one single story… as ludicrous as that is.

The first thing I had to know was who in the world is this person?

It turns out she’s 38 year old Austrian, Estibaliz Carranza.

Next thing I wanted to know is why such a terrible nick name? Did she poison people? Drown them in melted ice cream?

Turns out the only idea she could come up with for eliminating the bodies of her victims was by burying them under her own sweet shop. Yeah… she sold goodies, just feet above a couple dismembered bodies.

Oh, I didn’t mention that her victims had been dismembered? Silly me, of course they had – the lady runs an ice cream shop for goodness sake!

In 2012 she was sentenced to life. But apparently life behind bars was too much for her roomies to handle. She’s being transferred from an all-women’s prison to a “special” all-male penitentiary in Asten, Upper Austria.

The facility currently houses 91 men, but plans of transferring an additional 13 female prisoners are already in motion.

The New York Post has a healthy sized article on this lunatic, if you’re interested in any of The Ice Cream Killer’s background, or other details of the case, you can head that way and read until you’re full on this sadistically sweet case.

Source: New York Post

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2 Comments on WTF? There’s a Female Prisoner Known as the ‘Ice Cream Killer’ and She’s Being Moved to a Male Prison?

  1. It’s so ironic that after I finished writing a short horror tale about an ice cream truck that I come across post! Lol


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