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[Exclusive] Brian Sutherland Provides More Reason to Seek Out ‘Dead West’!

We’ve already dished out enough praise to convince a blind man to watch Dead West. The reason being, it’s an absolutely killer flick that’s bound to appeal to those who love edgy thrillers and those who adore brutal horror films.

Just the same, we’re quite pleased to receive a little insider info from Brian Sutherland, the Lady Killer of the film who consistently finds a way to steal the show.

Get a look at the one-on-one between our very own Josh Hancock and the amazingly talented Brian Sutherland. And while you’re at it, be sure to check out Dead West, it’s available now!

Josh Hancock: Your character possesses both a genuine interest in and kindness toward other people, and a sadistic streak that results in horrific crimes. As an actor, was that a difficult balance to strike?

Brian Sutherland: It was, but each scene was also broken up between flirtation and being a deceitful serial killer. I treated it like a spider bringing back someone to their web. Once I led them to where we were alone, I was allowed to shift characters into something vengeful and violent. The back alley, the bedroom, and the back of my car 5in the movie, were all safe zones for me to show the real motive of “The Ladykiller” and dive into a darker mood as an actor.

JH: “The Ladykiller” befriends several different women in the story, only to murder them gruesomely and without restraint. On set, was it difficult to get into the head-space of such a violent character? How did you prepare for the role?

BS: I read a lot of books about serial killers and childhood abuse and had to use my imagination to go to some pretty dark places. There was one night where the director (Jeff Ferrell) and I went to a strip club for “research”. He asked me what “The Ladykiller” would think about being in this situation and instantly this darkness took over me. Jeff looked at me and instantly knew that “The Ladykiller” was ready to go and paid the tab. Playing someone with such a darkness in them was difficult, but I also had some of the best and kindest actresses someone could ask for. I knew them all really well, so we had a safety around the scenes because we had all worked together before. I don’t know how I would have done those scenes with a stranger.

JH: The most memorable villains are the ones who are three-dimensional and seem most like real human beings. Though your character is a cold-blooded killer, did you see any redeeming qualities in him?

BS: You have to follow your instincts no matter what the cost. I’ve always believed in that and it’s never steered me wrong. Even when I thought “This is going to cost me my job”, I’ve stuck to my instincts and amazing things have happened. It’s why I am where I am and I’m very happy in life. I feel this resonates with “The Ladykiller”. He believes that everyone has a choice. It’s like Dumbledore says “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

While this is my motto, I don’t encourage the murder of someone feeling a little stagnant in life. Better to be a shoulder to lean on, rather than a knife to stab on.

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